Thursday, August 8, 2013

Is There No Shame To This Activity?

I received a disturbing e-mail today.  Someone is offering a Nook as a prize to one lucky contest winner.  There's one catch. To enter, you have to get onto Amazon and give his book a five-star review.

I guess I should not be surprised.  Less than honorable activities have been going on there for quite some time. What is surprising, however, is the openness of the activity.  One might think cheating in this matter is done secretly, under the table, and the person doing it wants to keep his shame hidden.  But to send a mass e-mail to people he does not even know?

We've known there is a lack of objectivity in the Amazon reviews.  Almost every review is a five-star one. People are getting their friends to write reviews, signing onto bogus accounts, paying people for reviews, and now this.

One would think that Amazon would be most concerned of all.  Activities like this assault the brand and undermine their credibility.  Do they take action? The guy posting does not seem to think they will. 


  1. It takes all kinds. I don't think Amazon could track all 11 million books to see who it cheating.

  2. I don't have a problem with people asking friends and family to post reviews, but any form of buying reviews is dishonest. Unfortunately, it's also very common. You're right that it's disturbing that this guy is doing it so openly. It shows that some people don't even understand that what they're doing is shameful.

  3. Oh, my. I had no idea this sort of thing happened.Good post, Chuck.