Thursday, October 4, 2012

My First Autograph Request

Someone in the office I work in is leaving in a couple weeks and his co-workers wanted to buy him a parting gift.  He's a fan of science fiction and likes apocalyptic literature in particular.  A fellow co-worker who knows I write and thinks highly of my writing suggested a short story I'd written that was published in an anthology of apocalyptic stories.  They ordered a copy of that anthology on Amazon for him.  What's really amazing is, they actually asked me to autograph it for him!


They actually thought I was bestowing an honor on them by agreeing to autograph it.  In truth, the honor was mine.  This is what all us writers live for -  recognition from fans.  There is no greater feeling than to hold a book in your hands that you have written in part and have someone ask you to autograph it for them.  Okay, it was only a minor publiscation and I only got $20 for the sale, but the exposure is easily worth ten times that.

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  1. Hey Chuck :) There is certainly a high one gets from recognition / admiration from fans. I would hope though the autograph request was because it was such a good story, rather than a trophy for him to mount on the wall.